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Hand-Tied Extensions

One of our most sought-after services is our hand-tied extensions, which offer clients the opportunity to achieve longer and fuller hair instantly. Our salon is home to a team of certified and exceptionally skilled professionals who specialize in the art of hand-tied extensions. With their extensive training and wealth of experience, you can trust that our team will bring your dream look to life through our hand-tied extensions.  

When you express interest in extensions, our team will arrange a consultation, allowing you to sit down, feel the hair options, experiment with colors (keep in mind all our extensions are dye-able to match your hair), and determine the perfect hair solution tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. Following the consultation, you can schedule your installation appointment, making the process effortless. 

The installation process involves threading rows of hair into your own with the use of beads. Notably, this method is gentler on your natural hair and boasts a longer lifespan compared to other extension options. Depending on your hair goals, you may receive anywhere from one to three rows of hand-tied hair. Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy maintenance-free extensions for up to two months before scheduling a move-up appointment. On average, move-up appointments occur every two months to accommodate natural hair growth. With proper care, the hand-tied method can last approximately nine months before requiring a hair replacement. 

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Extensions (Clip-in)

This exceptional choice provides you with top-notch hair extensions that are easily removable. Our clip-in extensions offer the convenience of quick  installation, allowing you to transform your look within minutes. We meticulously  customize these extensions to match your hair, ensuring seamless blending. If you’re considering ordering custom clip-in extensions, we suggest scheduling a complimentary consultation to determine the ideal length and color for your needs.

Extensions (Halo)

In addition to clip-in and hand-tied extensions, clients also have the option of  choosing a real Halo Couture Extension. Halos are unique as they consist of a single strand of hair. Placed on the crown of the head, the Halo seamlessly blends with the natural hair, adding both volume and length. Unlike clip-in extensions, Halos do not require clips as they sit securely on the head, eliminating concerns about them not being clipped properly. To ensure the perfect Halo Couture Extension for your needs, we recommend you schedule a complimentary consultation.

Rental Extensions (Clip-in or Halo)

We are delighted to offer rental clip-in and Halo Couture Extensions for your  special occasion. We recognize that not everyone has a long-term need for extensions, so we provide the flexibility to rent them for any occasion. We will match your desired length and color to the proper rental extensions. The rental process is incredibly convenient; Ask any of our stylists for more information. This hassle-free approach allows you to enjoy the benefits of extensions for your big day without any long-term commitments.