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As our team continues to expand across various regions of the country, we place a strong emphasis on equipping our new team members with the necessary skills through the Sarah Delaine training courses, aimed at enhancing their abilities to serve our clients effectively. Moreover, we’ve witnessed a significant surge in interest from independent artists and those affiliated with other companies who seek to enhance their expertise through our training programs. These programs are designed to be inclusive, welcoming anyone who wishes to participate, whether or not they aspire to become a Sarah Delaine artist.

During our training courses, you will gain valuable insights into the techniques and skills employed by our experienced team to craft highly sought-after looks. We will share our knowledge about various products and how they’ve contributed to us and our team. In the dynamic and ever-evolving beauty industry, we are committed to staying at the forefront of trends and the ever-changing beauty landscape. Rest assured our training course will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to build and maintain clientele.

Discover more about each of our courses below. Stay tuned for updates as we continually add new courses to our offerings. 

Hand-Tied Extension Training


Our hand-tied extension training stands out as one of our most in-demand courses. With the growing popularity of extensions in today’s society, it’s crucial for artists to keep their skills and techniques aligned with clients’ needs. The Sarah Delaine Beauty Co team excels in hand-tied extensions, and in our course, you will acquire the essential skills and techniques for perfecting hand-tied extensions. Obtaining the skills to install hand-tied extensions will certainly set you apart from other artists.  

Blowout Class

The timeless appeal of a classic blowout never fades. Our founder, Sarah, has honed her blowout technique over the years, passing down her expertise to our skilled staff. It’s the signature blowout that leaves clients craving more! Enroll to master your own distinct and flawless blowout style. 

Lash Training

Unleash the secrets to flawless lash extensions, tints, and lifts with the unparalleled expertise of Sarah Delaine Beauty Co. Dive into a world of precision and beauty as our experts share their refined techniques, ensuring you master the art of perfect lashes. Elevate your skills and redefine beauty standards with the guidance of our experienced artists. Join us on a journey of transformation, to help you stand out from all other lash technicians.

Bridal Style

Elevate your expertise from crafting the perfect updo to mastering the art of bridal braids. This specialized class is designed to equip you with the essential skills and techniques needed to flawlessly execute any bridal hairstyle your client desires. Join us and unlock the secrets to creating stunning bridal looks that will leave a lasting impression.