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Sarah Delaine Brides is a premier luxury bridal hair and makeup team that specializes in creating exquisite looks for brides on their special day. Led by founder, Sarah, a renowned hair stylist with years of experience in the industry, the team offers a unique experience throughout the entire wedding process. We strive to understand the bride’s vision and bring it to life flawlessly. Using high-end products and techniques, we skillfully craft stunning hairstyles and flawless makeup that withstand the test of time and camera flashes, leaving brides feeling breathtakingly beautiful from the first step down the aisle to the last dance of the night.


Many of our talented Beauty Co team members also play a crucial role in our bridal team. We feel incredibly fortunate to collaborate with an array of exceptional women, each with their own captivating love stories and distinctive visions that mirror their unique personalities. This experience has bestowed upon us a remarkable opportunity to enhance and refine our skills as artists. In doing so, we are able to offer our valued Beauty Co clients an enriched level of talent and creativity. 


Being a Sarah Delaine bride means that our services extend far beyond your wedding day. We offer a plethora of options and extras for you to choose from, ensuring that all your beauty needs are met. Whether you desire a hair makeover by adding our voluminous sew in hair extensions, meticulously placed months in advance to fulfill your dream of luscious locks for all your bridal events and activities, or impeccable hair and makeup for your trials and rehearsal dinner, we have the capability to be apart of your pre-wedding events as well. If you are interested in becoming a Sarah Delaine Bride, click here!